Automation Equipment

Introduction of HEADS Automation Equipment

Automation equipment for smart factories and factory labor saving

HEADS' excellent engineering team will take on board your requirements to realize a smart factory, automation, and labor saving, and to propose equipment automation for your factory environment based on our wealth of experience, and to provide one-stop support from proposal through to introduction.

Automation Equipment

Below are some examples of HEADS robot systems and automation equipment that have actually been built and delivered.

Automation equipment for smart factories and factory labor saving

Assistive devices

Assistive devices are designed to assist transportation, conveyance, and transfer, etc. of workpieces. A variety of assistive devices are available for various operations ranging from heavy-duty installation to overhead installation work.


Tire assembly assistive devices

Front seat assistive devices

FEM auto-sync assistive devices

Shower testers

Shower testers shower finished cars at a constant pressure and flow rate for a fixed period to inspect for any interior water leakage.

Shower testers

Light shower testers

Conveyors and crane

Various types of conveyors and crane equipment are offered according to specific customer requirements.

Vehicle production line conveyors

Conveyors and lifters for tire conveyor lines.

KIT component conveyors

Front axle conveyors and hoists

Hanger crane for frame conveyance

Other equipment and devices

A variety of equipment, hoists, and platforms are offered according to different client requirements.

Harness dischargers

CAB carriers

Strut tighteners

Parts platforms


Under-picking hoists


Workflow for production equipment introduction

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