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AGV Lineup

Autonomous AGV

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is attracting attention as the next-generation of AGV that is capable of autonomously traveling without the need for AGV guidance by maneuvering around humans and objects.

Very-low-floor AGV

Capable of being used when dolly platforms carrying specific objects cannot be changed and in narrow passages. Lower than low-floor type AGVs; primarily for cage-type platforms.

Low-floor AGV

Carries a platform engaged with lifter pins. Capable of being used when dolly platforms carrying specific objects cannot be changed and in narrow passages.

Automatic transfer AGV

Equipped with a conveyor system to automate inter-conveyor transfer. Omnidirectional models are also available with up to 1t loading capacity.

Cart-towing AGV

Entry model AGV to tow a cart from a start point to a destination. Can be coupled with a platform. Capable of automatic coupling and decoupling with a platform.

Lift-equipped AGV

A lift is provided for height adjustment in the case of uneven ground. It is capable of picking up a workpiece from a hook, for example. The loading capacity is 1t.

Robot-equipped AGV

Provided for the automation of in-plant conveyance operations, e.g. pick-and-place of parts. Fulfills diversifying needs beyond conveyance, ranging from AGV control to robot teaching.

Outdoor AGV

Zippy AGV for outdoor application that can work in a wide range of conditions, e.g. inter- and inner-building passages, with the same usability as a conventional AGV.

Outdoor cart AGV

Capable of traveling outdoor from one building to another, even on asphalt-paved and unroofed roads. It can also be operated using a manned mode, which is another significant advantage.

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AGV introduction workflow

Proposal and Negotiation

We take on customer requests, consider facility-wide conveyance systems including AGVs, ground conveyors, and robots with clients, and offer the best possible proposal.

Custom design

We design optimal AGVs tailored to specifications such as workpiece dimensions, passage widths, and turning radius.
Alteration and addition of components, as well as after-sales services including maintenance and route change, can be provided for customer satisfaction.


HEADS’ dedicated engineers for custom manufacturing offer quality products in a short delivery time and at a low cost.

On-site work

HEADS’ experienced staff work at the client premise to make the system ready for operation.












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