Automatic transfer AGV

Automatic transfer AGV

Automatic transferAGV HRC series

Equipped with a conveyor system to automate inter-conveyor transfer.
Omnidirectional models are also available with up to 1t loading capacity.

HRC-M series

Product specifications
Travel system
Control system
PLC control
Maximum speed
1-60m/min depending on weight
- Front and rear bumpers (optional: right and left bumpers)
- Front and rear obstacle sensors (optional: right and left sensors)
- Melody playback
- Emergency stop button
Forward, backward, pivot turning (optional: traverse)
Variable depending on workpiece dimensions
Load capacity
1t maximum

* Contact us for 1t or above models.

Works in conjunction with various types of conveyor system

Pusher-type conveyors with electric cylinders

Chain conveyors

Ground conveyors; installation work and conveyor control setup to be performed by HEADS

Linkage with other equipment

Our AGV proposal covers the entire logistics system.

AGV traffic control system

Our AGV proposal covers the entire logistics system.

Low-floor lift type

Equipped with two conveyors - an upper conveyor to convey loaded pallets and a lower conveyor to return empty pallets to AGV with a lift feature.

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